Todd Berk





As you may have read, the first time Todd saw “Mean” Joe Greene toss his jersey to the kid, in the famous Coca-Cola TV commercial, he knew that he wanted to be a part of the advertising and marketing world.

“I’m such a diehard Cleveland browns fan that I won’t wear black and gold! And as a born and raised, Ohio state buckeye, I refuse to wear anything maize and blue as well – and we have returned any clothing that my children have received as gifts that have been any combination of blue and yellow.”

After studying (and that term is being used very loosely) advertising in The School of Journalism at The Ohio State University, his dream was to work at an ultra-cool advertising agency and create commercials.

In a 1991 print advertising campaign, promoting himself to Creative Directors as a prospective member of their team, Todd wrote, “Sure, I could get a job in sales. However, I’d rather spend my days coming up with great ad copy and making stimulating concepts, rather than coming up with great places to eat lunch and making reservations.”

For the first year and a half after graduating, Todd toiled away at a small advertising agency, writing boilerplate copy for trade show materials. The lone creative moments were writing print and radio advertisements for ALCO Furniture – featuring Lenny Wilkens and Mike Hargrove. But, it was not writing Nike ads.

An impatient Todd changed directions and as it turns out, maybe sales was where he was meant to be.

During a more than 19-year career in the radio industry, Todd compiled a long list of successes, by using his creativity to provide measurable results to local and national businesses. Along the way, Todd achieved a reputation as a marketing specialist and expert at creating long-term relationships, by delivering unparalleled customer service and the strongest, most targeted solutions for every client’s challenge.

From SportsTalk 910AM in Tampa, selling advertising and sponsorships for talk shows, the Tampa Bay Lightning and NASCAR; to 94 WYSP in Philadelphia, selling advertising for The Howard Stern Show, Classic Rock and commercials and sponsorships for The Philadelphia Eagles Radio Network, Todd achieved early success by asking lots of questions and actually listening to the answers, allowing him to discover his client’s problems and provide them with creative ideas to solve them.

But, it was at legendary Cleveland rock station, 100.7 FM WMMS, where Todd truly became a student of a customer-focused approach to selling and began living and breathing the fundamental paradigm that the process of sales must be enriched by adding value.

This philosophy also served Todd well in sales management at WMMS and 92.3 K-Rock and WNCX in Cleveland as he built teams of talented marketers, who were able to help clients get great results and enjoy long-term profitable relationships with the respective stations.

Since launching Mean Joe Advertising in 2012, Todd has continued to study marketing and advertising; learn about the many new avenues that are being made available on a daily basis; and fine-tune the skills that have served him well and continue to serve him well in helping many businesses achieve measured success year after year after year.

Todd’s ability to generate trust and rapport; his understanding of marketing, sales, and advertising; complemented by outstanding creative instincts and belief in the principles of a Customer-Focused approach; along with a track record of generating revenues through creative solutions to client challenges make him uniquely qualified to provide results-oriented campaigns for your business.

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