Stephanie has always enjoyed creating things – whether it was the diorama for English class in elementary school or the many “mom” crafts that made her toddlers happy and her pre-teen children moan.

Aside from her ever-present creative tendencies, Stephanie has always had a passion for equestrian. After graduating from the University of Findlay, Stephanie followed this career path and went on to teach riding lessons and to train and show horses – a pursuit that continues.

To support her growing family and her horse habit, Stephanie worked in television production – a natural fit for both her organizational and her creative facets. Twelve years in TV land offered many opportunities for Stephanie to further her knowledge and ability in the creative realm by designing print and TV graphics, websites, and television sets.

Whether it’s the horse farm, television production or creative work, along with original ideas, organizational skills are a must. Some might call it OCD. Most that know Stephanie would call it OCD.

Working at Mean Joe Advertising allows Stephanie to combine teaching, creating and organizing in a relaxed environment where she can still wear her jeans and flannel shirts. A wide variety of skills means each day at Mean Joe is different. Boredom is rare and excitement lies around the corner of every print ad or electronic proposal that goes through Mean Joe. Now that this bio has been among the simpler of Stephanie’s creations – no comparison to the Julius Caesar green screen project that brought her high school student an undeniable A – she must return to some more pressing tasks.

Crafted with love by Stephanie’s teenage daughter

Technical Skills

Video Production
Graphic Design
Everything Else
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