Stay Home Success

We’ve all seen those posts: 

5 ways to be productive

10 tips to come out of the quarantine in the best shape of your life

Using social distancing to develop your passion project

Come on. Are we really doing that now? 

What about the people trying to tell you that you should come out of quarantine with a new skill–because, clearly, you have the time.  

Seriously? Do we really need that pressure right now? 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to use your quarantine time to develop the best loaf of sourdough using ancient yeast spores harvested from the ruins of that Greek place I can’t pronounce.  Just be thankful you found that loaf of Wonder Bread on the shelf. 

How about a little more realistic metric to measure your stay-at-home success?

Did you shower within the past 48 hours?  Good job. 

Is the cat still alive?  You win! 

Have you thought about planting a garden?  Bonus points if you got around to googling “how to start a garden” (Totally okay if you ended up watching old Soundgarden videos on YouTube).

Looking for some ways to be healthy? Try these: 

  • Count your steps from the couch to the fridge.
  • Do some remote curls as you skip another loser show on Netflix.
  • Strengthen your eyelids by opening and closing them at least 10 times before you decide to get out of bed.
  • Download Fortnite. Works on your hand-eye coordination, and your kids will hate it when you PWN them like n00bs. 
  • See how much water you can drink in a day: Bonus–all those trips to the bathroom help boost that step count! 

There’s way too much going on right now to worry about coming out of this wearing the same size jeans. Let’s all cut each other some slack, embrace those comfy pants, and employ whatever coping skills keep each of us sane. Cheers!