woman on phone looking at instagram theme ideas

Instagram Theme Ideas Your Followers Will Fall in Love With

When you decide to follow an Instagram profile, what pulls you in? Is it the well-crafted photos? The eye-catching bio? The ‘follow’ button is located at the top of your feed, not your individual posts. This means that a stunning Instagram theme plays a huge role in increasing your followers. It takes a beautifully balanced, […]

how to find you target audience on facebook

The $10 Audience Test

Going into what is expected to be a recording setting political year, you may be concerned that your budget is not going to get the same results it once did on Facebook and other social platforms. Luckily, there’s a proven method to identify your most profitable audience without having to spend a ton of money. […]

Target Audience in Advertising: What It Is, How to Define It, and Strategies That Work

Target Audience in Advertising: How to Define It and Strategies Defining the target audience in advertising is highly critical. Make sure your business truly understands it and how to do it well with this useful article. Keyword(s): target audience in advertising Over 90% of entrepreneurs fail when they set out on a business venture. While this is […]