Radio: Advertising With 9 Lives

Radio: Advertising With 9 Lives Since 1979, when the Buggles proclaimed “video killed the radio star” we’ve been told that radio is dead. Somehow, even in the era of hyper-targeted digital advertising, radio is still a top performer in the advertising world. The truth of the matter is people simply aren’t ready to live in the digital-dominated […]

Own Your Google AdWords Account

Own Your Google AdWords Account   SEM is a powerful tool in generating sales for your business. With the more information that is available to people today, it is more likely than ever that people will be searching for answers before making their final purchasing decisions. If you are going to get started in the […]


The Truth About Advertising Agencies

The Truth About Advertising Agencies It is estimated there are over 69,000 advertising agencies in the United States. That means there are at least 50,000 more advertising agencies then there are McDonald’s in the US … let’s take a minute to take that in. With all those “agencies” out there, there’s a lot of inconsistency […]

Mean Joe Means Business

Mean Joe Celebrates 6

Mean Joe Celebrates 6 6 years ago, i was sitting on the floor, working on my laptop, waiting for the office furniture to be delivered if i wanted something like this video, i might’ve tried to do it myself on powerpoint 6 years later, we can crank out cool videos like this for a last […]