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"Not the best timing, right?"

Chad Howman founded Bath R Us in March of 2020. His mission is to serve homeowners who want the luxurious look of marble, quartz, granite, and subway tile but prefer not to (or can’t) pay a contractor $40,000 to get it.

Bath R Us

[March 2020], I was sitting by myself in a Chicago hotel room poring over all the materials about bathroom renovation from training with a company whose products I was interested in,” says Howman. “I had just left my last job, it was my 40th birthday, I turned on the news and it was announcing the shutdown due to Covid. Not the best timing, right? Yet, I decided to move forward. I believed in serving the niche of luxury bathroom renovation with ultra-durable products that are affordable and beautiful.

The Mean Joe Team had worked with Chad before. When he set out on his own, we were happy to lend a hand. Mean Joe founder and CEO Todd Berk reached out to Chad during Bath R Us’ infancy. “You and I have always had a great relationship,” Todd said, “Let me know if you need help in any way, and my team will work on it.” One month into the COVID 19 Pandemic, Chad opened for business.

With everyone sheltering at home and the possibility of working from home being long-term, many people needed to update their home office, patio, and/or bathroom. As a result, the home improvement industry skyrocketed.

The Bathroom remodeling industry is very competitive. The majority of businesses offer 1-day bath overlays, where a team will install a new layer over your old tub instead of gutting everything. 

Bath R Us takes a different approach. Their technicians remove your existing shower or tub and remodel it in days.

“Hey, I wanna take you up on that offer. We can definitely use the help.”
Chad Howman
“What we needed from day one was leads”
Chad Howman

Chad has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement industry. But, as a new company, Bath R Us lacks the brand recognition its competitors use to earn consumer trust. Home remodeling is a stressful, cumbersome experience for any homeowner. To close the deal on a bathroom remodel, Bath R Us needs to connect with its clients.

This ensures that they’re not only confident continuing the remodeling process but are comfortable welcoming the Bath R Us team into their home. With in-person consultations only taking an hour or two, there isn’t much time to make that connection. Furthermore, the Coronavirus exacerbated this issue by adding additional fears and precautions to welcoming people into your home.

With little brand awareness and a global pandemic, how was Bath R Us to acquire warm leads? Through a combination of traditional and digital advertising channels, The Mean Joe Team positioned Bath R Us before customers looking to upgrade their bathroom and had the means to do so.

We deployed on-air radio personalities as endorsers, long-form print storytelling in Mimi Vanderhaven Magazine, TV spots with 30-second commercials and longer infomercial videos, and a holiday commercial with custom audio branding.

See results, against the odds.

Through this cocktail of marketing channels and custom advertising content crafted and approved by the Mean Joe Team, Bath R Us experienced unprecedented positive sentiment, brand recognition, and brand retention.

In less than a year of operation, Bath R Us had gone from a fledgling start-up to an institution. The company did over a million dollars in business, transformed more than 700 bathrooms in Cleveland and Columbus. It grew to more than 40 employees, nine service trucks, and expanded into Toledo, Medina, and most recently, Cincinnati. 

Despite a global pandemic, Bath R Us outperformed everything Chad’s years of industry experience projected, Thanks to a lot of hard work and teamwork.

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