Stay Home Success

We’ve all seen those posts:  5 ways to be productive 10 tips to come out of the quarantine in the best shape of your life Using social distancing to develop your passion project Come on. Are we really doing that now?  What about the people trying to tell you that you should come out of […]

How to Create A Brand Style Guide

How to Create a Brand Style Guide

A lot of thought went into starting your business. Aside from developing the idea and the structure of your new company, you had a chance to flex your creative muscle. You came up with a great name and a logo that really communicates who you are and what you do. Once you start marketing your […]

Target Audience in Advertising: What It Is, How to Define It, and Strategies That Work

Target Audience in Advertising: How to Define It and Strategies Defining the target audience in advertising is highly critical. Make sure your business truly understands it and how to do it well with this useful article. Keyword(s): target audience in advertising Over 90% of entrepreneurs fail when they set out on a business venture. While this is […]

What is Media Buying? An Agency Introduction to Traditional Media Marketing

When evaluating any media buy, reach and frequency are basic metrics that quantify the effectiveness of your campaign. Unfortunately, that’s only where it begins. Media buying requires an omnichannel understanding of where your audience is and how to more effectively reach them. We use a combination of tools such as Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Tapscan, and […]