Why Radio Endorsement Campaigns WORK

MY FRIEND ON THE RADIO TOLD ME TO SHOP HERE Why Radio Endorsement Campaigns WORK I worked in sales & as a Local Sales Manager for legendary Cleveland rock station, 100.7 WMMS – The Home of the Buzzard – for eight years.  The station had been top-ranked for much of my youth & had even […]

What is Media Buying? An Agency Introduction to Traditional Media Marketing

When evaluating any media buy, reach and frequency are basic metrics that quantify the effectiveness of your campaign. Unfortunately, that’s only where it begins. Media buying requires an omnichannel understanding of where your audience is and how to more effectively reach them. We use a combination of tools such as Nielsen, Arbitron, Scarborough, Tapscan, and […]

Night time billboard advertising in a big city

How Effective Is Outdoor Advertising?

[vc_row bg_type=”” dima_canvas_style=”” translate_x=”0″ dima_z_index=”0″ animate_item=”” delay_duration=”” delay_offset=””][vc_column bg_type=”” dima_canvas_style=”” min_height=”” translate_x=”0″ dima_z_index=”0″ delay=”” delay_duration=”” delay_offset=”” width=”1/1″][text delay=”” delay_duration=”” delay_offset=”” id=”” class=””] How Effective Is Outdoor Advertising? Outdoor advertising has come a long way from the hand-painted tavern signs, barber poles, traveling show posters (thanks P.T. Barnum!), and bulletins tacked to trees. The first record […]