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Instagram Theme Ideas Your Followers Will Fall in Love With

When you decide to follow an Instagram profile, what pulls you in? Is it the well-crafted photos? The eye-catching bio?

The ‘follow’ button is located at the top of your feed, not your individual posts. This means that a stunning Instagram theme plays a huge role in increasing your followers. It takes a beautifully balanced, high-quality, unique, and consistent feed to really sell your followers on why they should follow this account. 

So how can you create the picture-perfect theme? 

The secret to creating a theme that works is to create a unique style that feels authentic to you. Remember, your Instagram theme should be a reflection of who you are, what your account stands for, and what you love. There aren’t any clear-cut rules. When your theme looks and feels both visually pleasing and authentic, people are more likely to follow you and stick around.

Ready to find inspiration from the best Instagram theme ideas out there? Let’s get into it.

What is an Instagram Theme and Why Do You Need It? 

The Instagram theme is what your soon-to-be followers see when they take a look at your account. It’s made up of all your most recent posts—when viewed together, these posts make up the overall aesthetic of your account. 

Having a feed with a consistent color palette, editing, and theme leaves your followers with a lasting impression. 

But creating the right Instagram theme takes a lot of work. You have to know what you want to post, the color palette you want to use, and which editing style fits your account. It’s not easy, but it’s the first step towards making your mark on Instagram as a platform. 

No matter what kind of brand you’re building online, more and more consumers are turning to social media for people, companies, and products to trust. 

Crafting your unique, consistent Instagram feed helps you show the face of your brand to thousands or even millions of new faces in your target audience. It’s not just an option for your account—it’s a must. 

Top Instagram Theme Ideas

Before you get started creating the perfect theme, you’ll need some inspiration. Here are some Instagram themes ideas that many of the top brands on social media use to make a good impression. 

1. Colorful Blocks

This color-popping theme is taking off on Instagram. All you need to create this theme is to use bright, bold, and colorful images—with different colors in each post. Aim for high saturation or a light, faded pastel. 

The brighter you can make it, the better. This theme has a playful vibe that shows you aren’t afraid to show your true colors.

2. Minimalist

The minimalist look is a classic and timeless option for your Instagram theme. 

Leave lots of room for clean, white space and keep the clutter to a minimum. The key to a minimalist theme is to remember that less is more. All it takes is one small detail in your photo to tell an entire story.

3. Tiles

If you want to post pieces of writing or quotes on your Instagram, a great way to do so is to use the tile layout. 

In this theme, you alternate between a photo and a quote. This stunning grid alternates between clean white boxes and colorful photos. 

The tile layout can also be used in different ways. For example, if you’re using a black and white theme, you can alternate between black and white posts.

4. Bright White

Something about an all-white, bright Instagram theme never fails to look effortlessly elegant and beautiful. 

When taking photos, look for spaces with lots of natural light. You can also use all-white backgrounds, outfits, or other objects to make the white theme really pop. 

During the editing process, use filters and whitening tools to make your photos bright and cool-toned.

5. All Dark

If you’re going for a more mysterious vibe, a dark theme can be just as stunning. 

For this look, lower the exposure on all your shots and shoot for darker colors. Throw on a moody or desaturated filter to enhance this theme even more.

6. Color Coordinated

While sticking to the same general vibe and tone is a great way to put together a feed, if you’re especially attached to one or more colors, this can make for an especially unique theme. 

Choose one, two, or three colors that especially represents you or your brand. Make sure these colors aren’t just present in your posts, but are a featured part of each photo. These colors will link all the photos in your feed together and make it flow. 

Don’t be afraid to use a bold color as your main inspiration. While neutral colors like green and white, black and white, or red and brown might be easier to maintain, don’t underestimate the power of a bold yellow theme.

7. Burst of Color

Who says your theme can’t be both moody and colorful? Using a burst of color in each photo—while keeping the rest either desaturated or black and white—is an easy way to make each photo pop. 

For example, in a photo of a girl holding a flower, you can set the rest of the photo to appear in black and white but allow the girl’s face and the flower to remain colorful. This creative theme combines the best of both worlds—both mysterious and bold. 

8. Borders

If you’re having trouble finding cohesion between your images, a great way to pull them together is to add borders. Using white or black borders creates space between the photos and connects them in a clean, sophisticated way. 

This theme will make your Instagram look like a magazine—neat and professional.

9. Pastel

If you want to give your feed a pop of color without overdoing it, pastel color palettes are a great way to do it. Not only are these colors cute and unique, but they allow you to use bold colors without having to use bright or saturated images. 

Some great examples of pastel colors that work on Instagram are pink, lavender, green, and baby blue.

How to Implement Your New Theme

Once you’ve picked the perfect theme, it’s time to put it into practice. This is a lot easier said than done. Crafting the right theme takes time, patience, and careful planning. 

Here are some tips to get the ball rolling on your new theme idea. 

1. Plan Posts Ahead of Time

The key to creating a consistent theme is finding a way to plan your posts ahead of time. Without proper planning, you could end up with photos that don’t quite match up with each other.

Try to plan at least 5 posts in advance, but 10 or more would be best. Make sure that the color matches perfectly in each photo and that they flow well together.

When you plan far in advance, you can also move posts around to make sure you’re posting in the perfect order for a beautiful flow.

2. Use Consistent Editing 

Regardless of what kind of photos you’re taking, be sure that your editing is consistent throughout. If you use a particular filter, use that same filter on every photo—even if you have to adjust it depending on the lighting and colors of that particular shot.

If you’re using editing software like VSCO, Photoshop, or Lightroom, be sure to save the settings you use and apply them to every photo you post.

3. Get a Social Media Manager

These days, consumers are expecting more from brands online than ever before. And it isn’t as easy to grow on Instagram as it was 5 years ago.

Creating and maintaining the picture-perfect feed doesn’t just take hours of time and energy, but it’s just one of many things that go into growing a social media brand. A social media management service can help implement up-to-date strategies that will get your Instagram growing faster than ever before.

Instagram Theme Ideas You Can Implement Today

In an increasingly competitive online market, it takes more than just good content to rise above the rest. You’ll need to make sure your high-quality posts flow together in a gorgeous, meaningful theme. 

Step up your Instagram game today with some of these Instagram theme ideas—so you can inspire your followers to click on your account and follow you for more.

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