we run on EOS.

what the heck is EOS?

that’s exactly what we were saying when we started. EOS is an operating system for businesses. It provides us with best practices, simple tools and templates for processes to keep our business efficient and in alignment. This system influences us on how to operate. It doesn’t dictate how we operate. This helps us use the same language and processes so we’re all on the same page and working towards the same goals! And it’s based on these books up top.

our core focus

help the good guys succeed through our advertising partnerships.

our core values


treat it like you own it.

We all have the power to advance the ball. We are all invested in our work.


stop. collaborate & listen.

“You win with people.” Slow down enough to work together as a team toward success.


we got you.

When we support each other, we can accomplish anything –  for Mean Joe and for our Partners


keep it real.

Keep it Real. Your authentic self is awesome! That’s why your here. That’s why we’re great together!


business in front. party in back.

Work is better when we have fun. Work is best when we take time to enjoy our lives outside of work.

we run L10s.

It’s a meeting style that has really helped us stay organized and focused on the most important issues each week. We’ve found great success with this Traction Tool. It’s continued to keep us on track and pushing our business and our partners’ business forward. If you’re not familiar, checkout this video.

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