we run on EOS.


If you’re an organization running EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), then you know how important it is to have alignment in you goals throughout your organization and with your vendors as well. Since Mean Joe has been running on EOS, we’ve found it easier to keep alignment with our partners and ourselves so we are constantly working hard to benefit each other’s goals.

If you’re running on EOS, you also know a large piece of your V/TO (Vision/Traction Organizer) is your Marketing Strategy. Who’s your target market? What are your three uniques? Your proven process? Guarantee? What’s not included is WHO is helping you implement this Marketing Strategy. If you RPRS (Right Person, Right Seat) this role, you may have a strong leader for the position, but you may not have the resources that an advertising agency can provide. 

This is why the Mean Joe Partnership approach is so powerful. We are able to hold the Marketing Position in your Accountability Chart, attend L10 meetings, and set rocks and goals for our department that align with your goals as a business.


From a partnership perspective, having an agency accountable for company rocks can provide accountability and a clear goal for both the agency and your business. These rocks can set a foundation for your advertising strategy and become broken down into “milestones” to keep everything aligned and on track.

And to use “alignment” again, these rocks are all set to achieve your 1-year goals, that are tied to your 3-year goals, and that ultimately will lead you to reaching your 10 year goal. And to keep everyone accountable, weekly L10 meetings measure progress on rocks as well as Scorecard Metrics that indicate any potential opportunities or mishaps and allow the team to solve issues quickly and efficiently.


We believe that running on EOS can give you a huge head start with any advertising strategy. When you’re looking for a real partner to work with, take into consideration the strengths of having an agency who speaks your language and is aligned with your goals.

Mean Joe has been running EOS for just over a year now and we reap the benefits every day. Our partners notice the EOS difference too.If you’re ready to strengthen your EOS Marketing Strategy and partner with an agency that runs on EOS, reach out today! 

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