you need less leads!

filter out the bad leads and only get the most qualified for your business. save your time and money!

Everyone uses aggregators in your industry. There are a lot of benefits to them: a large quantity of leads, intenders in your market, low cpm cost… But they skip the entire sales funnel for your business.

The goal of the lead aggregator is to get as many clicks as it pertains to a specific search as possible from consumers looking for specific services and then selling these “leads” to paying contractors (like yourself). 

These “leads” are shared with multiple other contractors in your area all at the same time. It’s a mad dash to get that “lead” on the phone and schedule an estimate. Now think of this process in terms of the consumer: bombarded with calls from “telemarketers” selling the same thing. Sounds fun! (sike)

Amidst the competition, there’s no trust built between the consumer and your company. Therefore, you’re getting beat out of jobs for reasons out of your control. That’s why Mean Joe uses the Sales Funnel to focus all advertising efforts in creating your own personal lead aggregator with higher conversion rates.

When you take a consumer through the sales funnel, you allow them to experience your brand the way you intended. This leads to more quality leads and a significantly higher conversion rate.

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