From selling one dining room set out of his roommate’s garage, to a small storage unit, to a row of storage units, to finally settling in a warehouse, the story of Alex and Northeast Factory Direct is another that’ll just blow you away. Mean Joe is proud to share that story and to be a part of helping people get nice things for their home at about half the price of retail.

Brian has been in the flooring industry for more than 20 years.  He’s also a father and family man. With the expertise and knowledge from those 20 years, combined with his dedication and personality, Brian created an unmatched customer experience with Floorz (with a Z). When you have an owner that is willing to pay out of pocket to provide a lifetime warranty for any installation his crew doesn’t do correctly, you know there is a true commitment to customer service.

The anti-jewelry store, owned by father-son duo Jeff and Josh Bookman, Bookman and Son is focused on making the engagement process as comfortable as possible. They got bombarded by the pushy salespeople at the other stores and vowed not to treat their customers like that.

Step 1: buy old jewelry. Step 2: take old jewelry apart and make beautiful customer pieces. Step 3: sell jewelry at an affordable price. Sounds easy, but Read’s Jewelers does it better than anyone else because they don’t miss the details. This isn’t just a turn and burn pawnshop, Read’s Jewelers are professional jewelers that deal only in jewelry. That means they’re able to provide better pieces for less than just about anyone around.