What is a “Full-Service” Advertising Agency

Full-Service Advertising Agency

Full-Service Advertising Agency can be many things. Some use it liberally but when we say full-service advertising agency, we literally mean everything but the kitchen sink. Rather than specializing in one facet and limiting your relationship to a once a quarter “please see attached for your [insert ad campaign] results” email, these flexible agencies allow you to run all of your marketing and advertising needs through one source.

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The Truth About Advertising Agencies


The Truth About Advertising Agencies

About_Advertising_AgenciesIt is estimated there are over 69,000 advertising agencies in the United States. That means there are at least 50,000 more advertising agencies then there are McDonald’s in the US … let’s take a minute to take that in. With all those “agencies” out there, there’s a lot of inconsistency in the industry, which gives it a bad wrap. In any industry, there are bad apples that give you a bad name, but that’s just an opportunity to prove them wrong when given the chance.

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