Google Rebrands Google AdWords as Google Ads…


Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google Senior Vice President of Ads & Commerce, officially announced today, May 27, that the 18-year-old Google AdWords platform will be officially rebranded to Google Ads. The change comes in response to “consistent feedback” from advertisers that the platform has become too crowded and confusing. The rebranding will include some structural changes to how you interact with the platform.


First, Google AdWords will not be referred to as Google Ads. Ramaswamy describes this as “the front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces.” That will even come with a little bit of extra baggage as AdWords will receive a facelift with the new AdWords Experience, which will officially take over starting July 24, 2018. This updated platform will feature the new Smart Campaigns, which are said to use machine learning to optimize the images, texts and targeting to drive actions. Continue reading “Google Rebrands Google AdWords as Google Ads…”

Own Your Google AdWords Account


Own Your Google AdWords Account


SEM is a powerful tool in generating sales for your business. With the more information that is available to people today, it is more likely than ever that people will be searching for answers before making their final purchasing decisions. If you are going to get started in the world of SEM, there really is no better place than Google AdWords. It is estimated Google owns 74.06% of the search engine market share, which makes it the perfect starting point. Continue reading “Own Your Google AdWords Account”